Step 1. Add a new Sprite.  Click on the 2nd icon in that looks like a file on top of a star.

Step 2. Pick any sprite you like.  I Will pick Gobo for this example.

Step 3. When the new sprite appears notice that a new Sprite2 icon has appeared.  There will be NO SCRIPTS under this sprite because everything we have programmed is in Sprite1.

Go to the CONTROL category and pull in when space key pressed

 Step 4. Press the small drop-down triangle beside the word "space" and the key options will appear.  Pick "right arrow".

Step 5.  Click on the MOTION category and add point in direction 90

Step 6. Add move 10 steps.

This completes the script to make Sprite2 move right if right arrow is pressed.  Now we have to copy this for left, up and down keys.

You could repeat Steps 3 to 6, or you could take a shortcut by using the duplicating method in Steps 7 and beyond.

Step 7.  Right mouse click on when right arrow key pressed.  This will give you the option to duplicate all scripts below the spot you clicked, including the script you clicked on.

Step 8. Click the drop-down and change it to left arrow.

 Step 9.  Click the point in direction drop down and change it to (-90) left

You a have now completed the scripts to move left with Left Arrow.

Step 10. Duplicate any of the scripts again.  Change the arrow key pressed to down arrow.

Step 11.  Change point in direction to (180) down.

Step 12.  Duplicate the down arrow (or any other) script.

Step 13.  Change the arrow key to up arrow.

Step 14.  Change point in direction to (0) up.

 Step 15. Remember to stop the sprite from flipping upside down by clicking on the left-right icon next to Sprite2!

You have completed the movement commands for Sprite2!