Instructions for a simple game in Scratch can be downloaded here:   

Scratch Simple Game Instructions

Instructions for a simple game in mBlock (compatible with Scratch 2.0) can be downloaded here:

mBlock Simple Game Instructions

To see the visual step by step of these instructions, you can view each part on the extended menu.

Part 1 - Moving Cat

Part 2 - Player Controlled Character and Lose Conditions

Part 3 - Moving Food and Win Conditions


This game incorporates the following concepts:

  1. Making the Cat sprite move back and forth without flipping upside down
  2. Creating a Player sprite whose movement is controlled by arrow keys
  3. When the Player touches the Cat, he will lose a life.  When lives = 0, the player will lose and a Lose screen will appear.
  4. Creating a Food sprite, which moves around.  The Cat must touch it 3 times for the player to win and a Win screen appears.

The game uses the following:

  • Forever loops
  • If statements
  • Variables
  • Broadcast
  • Collision Detection
  • Button Control