This is an ongoing list of solutions to problems you might encounter while using the mBot.

A quick way to check if you are connected to the mBot

You can test if your mBot is connected properly simply by double-clicking on "play tone on note".  

If your mBot beeps, then you are connected.

Any time you want to run a script, all you have to do is double-click it to run.


Serial Port options do not come up when trying to connect mBot

  1. Are you using Windows 10?'
    • Some users with Windows 10 have had trouble getting it to recognized the mBot being plugged in either to USB or 2.4G wireless.  No problems on Win7 though.
  2. Is your mBot on?
    • Flick the switch on the mBot to ON.  You will hear a tone when it turns on.
  3. Try installing Arduino drivers:
    1. Click on CONNECT
    2. Click on the last option - Install Arduino Driver
    3. Wait for the installation to complete, then see if there is a Serial Port option
  4. Try shutting down mBlock and restarting it.  Make sure you save your work first!


My mBot stopped doing what it was programmed to do


It worked and now it doesn't

This happens sometimes when people are using arrow controls and they play with it too much or randomly when you are trying something and it does not respond any more.

My Serial Port Is Connected But I Cannot Talk To The mBot

You may have turned off and on your mBot while it was connected.

The Serial Port will show it is still connected and the green light will still show.

But it actually needs to be connected again.

You need to go to the Serial Port and click the Com port again.  

Once you do this, try double clicking on "play note on tone".

If you hear a beep, then it is fixed!

My LED Faceplate or Distance Sensor or other plug in device does not work

Make sure that you set the Port in your program to the Port your device is plugged into!