Arduino Set Up and Upload

The following instructions will show you how to set up your Arduino and upload your program.

You will know your Arduino is not connected when you see either of these two indicators.

1) At the top of the mBlock screen it will say Disconnected

2) In the Robots category there will be a red circle.  This will be green if you are connected.


Step 1.

Connect you Arduino to the usb cable and plug it into your computer.  Wait for all appropriate drivers to load and be detected.

If your drivers are not installed, you can install them from mBlock by going to the Connect menu and selecting the last option called "Install Arduino Driver"

Step 2.

Once your drivers are installed and your computer recognizes your Arduino board, go to the Connect menu at the top of mBlock, select Serial Port, and then the COM port.  

It is usually the highest COM port listed.

Step 3.

Once connected, it will say it at the top of the screen and there will be a green circle in the Robots category.

Step 4.

Go to Edit and make sure that "Hide stage layout" and "Arduino mode" are selected.

Now you're ready to program!

Uploading to Arduino

Once you have made an Arduino program, you can upload it using mBlock with the following steps.

Step 1.

Click on the "Upload to Arduino" button.  You will see some programs run in the bottom right of the screen.  This may take a few seconds.

Step 2.

Once the programs have run in the bottom right, a pop-up window will say Start Uploading and show you the percentage of upload complete.

When it is 100%, you can click done but your program should already be running.