mBlock Layout

mBlock is a modified version of Scratch 2.0 that works with the mBot, and other Makeblock products as well as Arduino.

The screen layout consists of 5 main sections shown below:

Game Screen

This is where your sprites will show and run just like a regular Scratch program or video game.  You don't need this screen when you're working with mBot or Arduino.


Sprites are visual elements in a Scratch game.  You don't need this when working with mBot or Arduino (unless you want to).


Scripts are the puzzle pieces that make up our program.  They will fit together only if they make sense.  You drag and drop these onto the programming area just like in Scratch.

Script Categories

There is 1 new script category in mBlock which is the Robots one at the bottom.  Some categories contain new scripts, such as those in Events, and Data&Blocks which we will learn later.

Programming Area

This is where you can drag and drop scripts in which programs are run from top to bottom, in order, starting with puzzle pieces that have a curved top.

 mBlock Setup for mBot

When you're using mBlock for mBot, you don't need the Stage and can close it.  Do so by clicking on EDIT and Hide stage layout