Connecting mBot

There are two indicators to show if your mBot is connected.  When you first start up mBlock, it will be disconnected until you set up the Com Port connection.

The first one is at the TOP of the mBot window.  Beside the program name, it will say Disconnected.

The second one is under the ROBOTS category.  There is a red circle.  Red = disconnected.  Green = connected.

Step 1. Turn ON Your mBot

Move the On/Off switch to the right.  You will hear the mBot play a musical tone to indicate that power is on.

Step 2. Serial Port Connection

Go to CONNECT, then the first option which is Serial Port.

There will be one or more things that say COM##.  It could be COM1, COM2, all the way up to COM30 and above.

COM ports are channels in which your computer can talk to things attached to it.  So your mouse, keyboard, and other USB devices could show up as a COM port option.

USUALLY, the highest COM number is your mBot.  Select it and if you are right, your mBot will make a tone.

Step 3.  Check Connection

If you connected it properly, two things will change.

1.  At the top of the programming window, it will now say Serial Port Connected.

2.  Under the ROBOTS category, there will be a green dot as indicated below.

If you accidentally unplug your mBot, you may have to do this again.