mBot Basics

mBot is an educational robot produced by the company known as Makeblock.  For more info from the manufacturer, you can follow this link:  Makeblock mBot

It is an affordable but versatile Arduino based robot that can be programmed with mBlock, a modified version of Scratch 2.

mBot is a tool that can quickly teach students about robotics, and Arduino.  The mBlock software is used as a bridge between the graphical programming from Scratch and the actual coding used in Arduino.

This makes mBot a tool used to teach robotics from Grades 2 - 11 (in Ontario, Canada).

mBot comes in a nice box with a magnetic closure which I use as a storage box.

Inside the box you will find these pieces (Bluetooth version shown here):

It is important to note that the mCore we will refer to in later lessons is the board that goes on top of the mBot body.

Bluetooth vs 2.4G

For the classroom, we use the 2.4G version.  It is more reliable than the Bluetooth version and ideal where we have lots of them going at the same time.

The 2.4G version comes with a USB receiver and a 2.4G module to plug into the mBot.