Welcome to the mBot Lessons

The links in this section will teach you some basic programming functions with the mBot.

An mBot is a STEM robotics product from Makeblock.  It is a modular Arduino based robot that can be controlled using mBlock, a modified version of Scratch.

mBot is available in 2 versions:  2.4gHz and Bluetooth.

2.4gHz is ideal for classrooms when you have many PCs or laptops.

Bluetooth is fine for someone using it at home, as a present or if you have cell phones that can use the app to control the robot.



The mBlock program bridges the gap between graphical programming and coding by being able to translate block functions into Arduino code.

Since it is based on Scratch, many kids are familiar with the programming style already, and this helps them to go "one step up" and get closer to programming in Arduino code.


The mBot kit has to be put together, but it is also modular, and compatible with other mBlock products.

Please start your lessons with the mBlock basics page and enjoy!