LED Challenges page

If you have an idea for a challenge, it must meet the criteria:

  1. It cannot introduce new concepts or ideas that were not taught in the lesson or lessons before it
  2. It must be possible to do without adding any new parts than the standard kit
  3. The answer must have the code, circuit diagram (done on Fritzing) and a video of it working from YouTube (if it is complicated)

Format Template

Challenge Name Give your challenge a title related to what it is
Author This is your name or alias
Credit This is where you will state any references to code or help that you got to create this challenge.  The strength of our community is in sharing, and in such giving credit when it is due.
Difficulty Level (1-5) Level 1 = 1-2 simple modifications of the original lab code.  A level 5 = a deep understanding of the code with more than 40% changed
Time To Complete Estimate the time to complete this for the average person
Challenge Description Give a full description of what the challenge is, and what looks like when you've completed it.
Hint Give hints to the harder parts of your answer
Answer Code, circuit diagram and a YouTube video where applicable